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barcelonaweddingphotographerPhoto by Anna Wu

The last few months have been some of the busiest, craziest, happiest and most nerve wrecking months of my life. We’ve moved into a beautiful apartment which still needs so much work, we extended the family with Marley and I’ve been non stop working as well. I shot my first wedding of the year last week, photographed a few beautiful engagements and also got to shoot a cover for a soon to launch new lifestyle magazine. This all wrapped into one meant that I had no time whatsoever to enjoy the blogosphere let alone participate in it. Some of you who follow me from the very early days know that I was first a blogger and then a photographer and although I needed a little hiatus from the internet world, lately I’ve been longing to get back in it. I miss documenting my life online and sharing some of my joys and travels, I miss reading my favorite blogs in bed with my morning coffee and I miss all of you cyber friends!!! :) I’m not making any promises I won’t be able to keep on how often I’ll blog, but I can’t wait to share all those beautiful weddings and engagements that I’ve yet to share, to chat with you about photography & weddings and to show you bits and pieces of my life, my loves, my apartment and my beautiful Barcelona…. although I’ve never really left, I’m happy to say that I’M coming BACK! :)


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