Home Sweet Home

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Late last night I’ve landed from London and for the first time in a long long looooong time I REALLY unpacked my suitcase. I mean really… not that I haven’t been home at all the whole summer, but the next trip, the next flight has never been more than a few days away so there were always some travel essentials left in there for easy repacking. For the first time this year I’ll spend a whole month in Barcelona without traveling and I’m giddy as a kid on Christmas morning for settling into my off season day to day (or what some may call “normal”) life again.

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my job, I LOVE traveling and all the amazing, breathtaking places this crazy adventure takes me, but by the end of the season this gypsy soul sure can appreciate a home cooked meal vs airport triangle sandwiches, a chilled night out with my poor neglected friends, getting back to regular workout routine, reading a book or even just getting enough sleep in my own comfy bed. I love traveling and I love how appreciative it makes me feel for the little things and for living in Barcelona. I’m at bay now for a little while, working away, making new plans and gathering energies & excitement for a trip of a lifetime in December… more to come on that soon! ;)

All photos snapped with my iPhone via my Instagram account



  1. Happy you’re home for a bit and get to relax. And even happier I got to see you today!

  2. miss you!!!

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